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Stone Masonry does not only require craftsmanship, but also needs a keen eye to integrate  surrounding environment.



After the foundation, fire-bricks create a cupola which keep the heat for many days with the addition of a special clay mixture. In this particular design, you can light a fire, clean out the ashes, make plenty of pizzas, then bake numerous breads thereafter when the high  temperature has dropped. On the third or fourth day, you will still be delighted to bake some pastries, maybe croissants. All this with only one initial fire in the stove to begin with. This wood fired oven can serve commercial backers. The advantage is, that all baked products from this oven taste uniquely delicious.  For homes,  a smaller version is also available.


natural beach stone tiling in bathroom

The stones were collected on the shores of Hawke's Bay, New Zealand (the north island) and were thereafter embedded  and grouted. After extensive cleaning and applying an additional  sealer, these stones sparkled like gems. To walk on such a floor barefoot rejuvenates all senses.